Olga & Amy were set-up on a blind date by colleagues at Conde Nast. Sparks flew and the two become fast friends.

The Anchor Council is born. The girls take a red eye down to Peru to redesign 20 rooms at a Shamanic Retreat.

Deep in the jungle, Amy & Olga get to work. Furniture is built, rooms painted, beds redressed, accents added – all in just three weeks!

The Shaman is shady. He gets sent to jail; the retreat is dismantled.

Undaunted, they persevere. For two decades, Olga & Amy have worked with the leading design magazines and brands. Now, they unleash their talents on restaurant and hotel design. Their latest project, Annex, a Brooklyn restaurant, recently opened in Ft. Greene.


East Deck Motel (Montauk)

A fictional redesign of The East Deck Motel in Montauk, NY conceived by The Anchor Council.

The Vision:  Happy, minimal 1970′s. Open, airy spaces & art installations throughout. Keeping the retro motel vibe. east deck lobbyThe Lobby: The streamlined existing architecture lends itself to inviting communal spaces.eastdeck5

Guest already hang out on the deck by check-in, we’d extend that inside with a large laid back table. east deck art

The Art: 3D minimalism inspired by Donald Judd’s work.

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 2.50.53 PM

Art would also be woven into the landscape. eastdeck3

The Sitting Area: A 1970′s nod to the heyday of motel chic.

eastdeck4 eastdeck11

The Palette:  Amazing shades of the 70′s. But more streamlined with a shot of ethnic. eastdeck12



The Outdoors: An outdoor porch living room. With hanging plants, rugs and tables. eastdeck13

An understated welcome, laid back and easy-going design.


The Rooms: The wood paneling should definitely stay. But be modernized. eastdeck suites

The Suites: updated to bring the outside in. eastdeckdeck



The BEFORE pics: Pre-The Anchor Council